Blog post numero uno. The topic of this blog post is… BLOG TOPICS!

If you know me you know I write about my running a lot. When you’re running marathons you’ve pretty much given up a lot of your other hobbies and friends to hit the road. Sometimes I write about yoga, usually that’s more private. I originally wrote about my running to keep data and improve, but I guess there are some some topics in both yoga and running that I would like to get into. Hence, why I started a blog. In no particular order I’m going to write a nice long list of things I want to talk to you about. In a week or so I’ll become officially certified to coach you, so if you want me to support you in that please hit me up!  I like helping people so rates are negotiable. I’m also going to be looking for guinea pig so if you want help training for a fall marathon… you are reading this just in time!

Anyway by reading this long crazy list, you’ll know a little bit more about me and what you’re getting into by reading this thing.

If you have anything to add (especially if it’s funny… I’m having a blank on funny topics for some reason…) please hit me in the comments, on Facebook, email, text, whatever you do just don’t call me because who really does that anymore (just kidding…).

  1. Following yogis and runners on Instagram without getting mind-fucked
  2. Why are the people on the Cheshire trail are so much more aggro than the Wallingford trail?
  3. Being comfortable getting uncomfortable basically everywhere and why it’s so good for you
  4. Running buddies
  5. Why you should be present when you’re stretching
  6. Running adventures
  7. Running for speed
  8. Staying calm when shit goes down in your mind
  9. Crow pose and when I cursed for the first time at school
  10. Hurting myself doing hand stands
  11. Breathing
  12. Closed-mouth breathing
  13. The porta-potty on the trail in Hamden is the worst porta-potty I’ve EVER been in. HANDS DOWN. Like, IN THE WHOLE WORLD.
  14. Blizzards
  15. Running in the snow
  16. Fucking ankles
  17. When my Lulu yoga mat got a mind of it’s own
  18. Playlists
  19. Meatballs and spaghetti- what it’s like to be a meatball trying to stretch and be fast
  20. Dogs chasing me
  21. Going out too far, getting lost or too tired, and having to get picked up
  22. Encountering a bear
  23. Telling the truth
  24. Why recovery beers are good for you especially in the shower
  25. Take a risk and do something “unreasonable.”
  26. Marathon training plans and figuring out what you like to do and what will work
  27. My friend, who definitely isn’t me, sometimes has to shit when she’s running
  28. How cool turmeric is
  29. My first marathon and when I cried while listening to “Stampede” from the Lion King on mile 21.
  30. My favorite podcasts
  31. Routes I’ve made on
  32. How a freight train killed people’s BQ’s during my second marathon
  33. Falling into a pothole and “ruining” my Boston Marathon goal
  34. Review of the book “Run Fast, Eat Slow.”
  35. Eating to improve your mood
  36. Eating to improve physical stresses
  37. How much I love the Lululemon Stuff Your Bra then they stopped making them and I’m pissed
  38. My friend who had to shit in the woods, someone’s back yard, in back of a billboard, etc
  39. How to effectively pee or poop like a ninja according to my friend’s advice
  40. The Ragnar Trail relay in Mass this year
  41. How cool trail running is
  42. Tight hips
  43. Crossfit
  44. Roller derby
  45. Mental strength
  46. How much I love hot yoga
  47. Why it’s important not to bail out of a pose
  48. How much I love yin yoga
  49. Connective tissue and why you should stretch it
  50. “Angry Dragon” vs. lizard and ow my hips
  51. AHhhhh my hammies
  52. Dry-needling
  53. Why does pigeon make me want to stab someone in the face
  54. Why I HATE 14 mile runs
  55. What my first and second marathons were like
  56. Why Aleeve sucks
  57. Foods that make my friend shit herself when she’s running
  58. Setting goals
  59. Boob sweat

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