Apricot glazed tempeh and grilling for breakfast! 

Summer squash, zucchini, spinach and sweet potato egg white scramble.


Apricot glazed tempeh with carrots, black beans, and scallions.

The cool thing about summer vacation is I actually have time to cook hot food and actually eat it. I don’t want to brag, but it’s cool to eat off a plate every day instead of out of tupperwares. I’ll talk about how I decide what and how I eat later – right now let’s talk about how I nailed dinner tonight! Sidebar: I’m experimenting with writing this on my phone and auto fill tried turning “dinner ” into “someone.” Haha. I don’t go there on here!

For breakfast I purposely saved leftover veggies I threw on the grill, and put them on the stove with spinach. The summer squash and zucchini had been marinated in olive oil and white wine vinegar. I added egg whites and nonfat Trader Joe’s cheese. Only a little cheese though ! Not a lot! Ok, ok, I also grilled a shit ton of sweet potatoes yesterday, and put two in the scramble. I would say this lasted me four hours before I was starving again. That’s pretty good!

Now I almost skipped dinner for rice cakes and almond butter, but I’d been daydreaming about this recipe for two days now. Yesterday began to marinate tempeh with 7 apricots, olive oil, and balsamic. Tempeh needs a bit longer to marinate so I gave it a whole day . I added carrots, black beans, and topped it with scallions. I made quinoa and put my masterpiece on top of about a cup of it.

I should have warned you! I’m extremely mediocre at cooking and my recipes mostly consist of throwing combination of stuff on the grill or in a pan or two. Either way, these combinations were both good! When I look at recipes I mostly look at the ingredients and how they’ll work together when I mix em all up.

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