My Week of Running and Yoga: Sprints, Rain, Site-seeing, Getting Hit by a Car, and an Old Boss Showing up in my Savasana.

So Josh and I went to Maine this weekend. Before we left I went out for five fast miles. This time last year I liked to finish anything 5 miles and under as if I was finishing a race- aka as fast as possible. This year I’ve been using 5 milers as the opposite- don’t even turn mapmyrun on- just recover and space out and count the animals I see.  Two weeks ago I finished the same run at 6:21 min/mile- Friday it was hot and disgusting and I thought I was going to die at mile 2. I was sweating like a maniac from weird places like even my legs were sweating. I recovered with a flight and a pizza in Portsmouth New Hampshire a few hours later. 6:49 min/mile finishing at 34:08. Either way I feel pretty optimistic for the 10K on Sunday.

I don’t think I can ever run more than 10-12 on vacation. The route I mapped for my 10 and 20 milers in Maine ended up being basically on a highway. So on Saturday I just decided to go out and wing it (not on the highway) the pace and everything would be whatever it was. We stayed at the Lucerne Inn in Dedham Maine, and I got all hyped up about my room being haunted, and also my mouth was dry so I didn’t sleep well. It was raining Saturday morning but I was OK with that because at least it wasn’t hot as balls.

Here is a funny picture from Saturday I took by accident. I was trying to stop and take a picture of the beautiful lake and instead I took this scary selfie. What’s really funny about this is if I’m stopping to take pictures on my ten-miler- this is actually my real “having fun” while running face. No really- I was having a great time.

No this isn’t a flattering picture, but lately I’ve been really disturbed by ladies depending on snapchat filters to feel beautiful (that’s a whole different and un-related rant) so I decided that while I typically try to keep body image and beauty out of my range of topics- here is a real accidental selfie of me cold/hot/wet/having a relaxing vacation run. The video I actually intended to take is on my Instagram. It was so beautiful and misty there.


OK I went out for ten on Saturday at an 8:18 min/mile pace with some rolling hills and ended up running a mountain. and ate enough blueberry pastries (Hey I am on Maine on vacay after all!) to recover. Had a cool day exploring Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor with Josh. We had an amazing dinner at the place called Sips. I also drank a beer called Midnight Special and that was amazing too. It was a coffee porter. We went back to the hotel and relaxed. I tried to map a new 20 miler but I as too anxious, I kind of knew I wouldn’t physically or mentally be able to do a 20 miler in unknown territory in vacation mode (you know when you’re happy and relaxed but also too exhausted?)

I woke up a lot at night and then woke up too late to do 20. I woke up at 6 probably because I didn’t sleep well- but if I did 20 I would have woke up at 4 so I didn’t put a huge dent in vacation. I got ready and went out and thought “I could my 12-14 miler today, and 20 tomorrow.” I mapped it while I was warming up. Then I got out and started running down the mountain. At mile 2 I thought I was at mile 4, and I was still sleepy and when I’m that impatient where I think I’m ahead like that- it’s going to be a mental fuck. At that moment I decided I’d do a six mile easy run, enjoy my last day of vacation, and worry about my 20 miler tomorrow. That’s what I did. Just enough running to move, burn some calories, get some fresh air, and shake out the ants in my pants before I drive 5 hours home.

Ran my 20 miler yesterday from Cornwall to Skiff Street in Hamden. It was good. I listened to music the whole time, ate Swedish fish, felt appropriately fueled and hydrated. I will say I left at 9ish and it was 60 degrees by the time I got back to my car it was 88 degrees. I definitely felt uncomfortable towards the end. At mile 8 I played the game where I do a 15-30 second stride at the change of every song and at the mile announcement from mapmyrun. I didn’t want to do real planned tempo runs- but games like that make the time go by. I considered a four mile fast finish- but I still feel like I’m schlepping through for the first 16 miles then I have no desire to sprint the last miles. With the rising heat I was actually dreading them. Little bursts of speed are better for my mental game. Brings more of a pick-me-up to the whole run. I wish I’d done it from mile 1- but I probably would have ran out of steam that way.

Yeah so an old dude in a red car hit me in the crosswalk by Putnam. He was rolling so slow he looked like he was stopping- then he didn’t stop! He hit my legs and I yelled at him and he slammed the breaks before I totally rolled over the car. I still sort of regret not taking advantage of the Richie-Rich moment. I could have gotten a thousand dollars or something. Haha. I should have gotten his information in case I got 20 feet down the trail and passed out or something, but I didn’t. I kept running.

I almost stomped on a squirrel, but I didn’t.  I think I kicked it. Stopped at the lock twice to go to the bathroom- I didn’t count the pit stops in my running.  Finished it at 2:33:56 1,887 kCal 7:42 min/mi. Not as good as my fast-finish 20 miler, but it would have been comparable if I did those strides from mile 1.

Hit cryotherapy DIRECTLY from my run. I think it helped!

Went to gentle and yin yoga last night. When I go to gentle I don’t really like moving at all, haha. It’s a funny transition to go from banging my body through 20 miles then getting on my mat, holding still, being deliberate, and noticing subtleties. It was good to just slowly move my hips in my sockets, or stretch my achilles in my downward dog, and roll around on my back.

Did a double and went to yin. Destroying connective tissue in the first thing to ruin a runner’s ability to actually run. I wanted to go home but I drive 40 minutes to get to yoga and I was there and I ran 20 miles so I knew it was right to stay. I actually held saddle for the whole time without bailing out early. It was very hard but I kept telling myself it’d be the best yoga class ever if I could hold it until the end even though I was exploding in my hips. I cheated and shoved my fingers into the small of my back because that was a little sore too, but I told myself that was better than bailing.

I haven’t written my post about yin and running yet- but they’re best friends. By the time it was over I was walking differently than when I walked into the class. I’m sure holding dragon had something to do with that too.

I think I am anxious about getting back to work because I just had anxious thoughts about past years. One old old old principal popped into my brain. It was his first year as an admin and my first year teaching- so I can’t actually be mad at anything that happened because it was probably everyone’s fault that year was so bad. haha. Anyway I don’t know where he is but I want him to stay out of my savasana from now on. It was a great time to just focus on my breathing. I also like to put my legs up the wall during savasana and breath into my ankles or count the times the blood pumps into them.


OK that’s my week.

Note: More pictures of my Maine runs are on my Instagram: jenncantsitstill

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