Vegan week 3 recovery week 1

Attached you see post-marathon vegan recovery milkshakes from the Chicago Diner. The one covered in chocolate is mine and the pumpkin cookie is Josh.

Vegan means nothing from an animal- eggs, milk, whey, casein, cheese: goodbye. If it has that shit in it I’m not eating it.

That is different than vegetarian- no meat. Or lacto-ovo vegetarian (no meat eggs milk or cheese- but let’s say something had whey or gelatin they might eat that.)

I was vegan from years 22-26 or something like that. I was also about 16 lbs heavier- much of that was pre-crossfit so I can’t even pretend it was muscle. I started crossfit and roller derby vegan, but I had no idea how to eat. When I learned about the zone diet I transitioned to vegetarian during our first challenge at Nor’easter, raised my strength and lost some ridiculous amount of body fat. I forget when I started eating meat again but I just wanted to experiment with my health- what would work the best for me with my goals?

We all know there’s no one way to eat. Everyone is different. When I was in my early twenties vegan was about animal ethics-and it still is for me. On the other hand back then I was more concerned with trendy vegan food- diners and dive bars and driving far away for vegan ice cream and donuts or what not.

I transitioned back to vegan because I know with my knowledge of nutrition, macros, and eating to heal and to athletically perform- I don’t need any kind of animal products. Maybe I’ll write more about this more but I also just want to make the world a better place in some other way. Yeah you can go ahead watch all the documentaries about what eating meat does to the earth- this is about me lol.

I knew I was going to go vegan again this summer when Josh and I went to the Goshen fair and saw the fucking petting zoo. It was the saddest most disgusting shit I’ve seen in person in a long time. The camels; the llamas looked sad. Yeah, all the animals looked sad. Kids and adults just screaming and grabbing at them. Then the worst was the lemurs. A lemur’s diet is leaves, bark, berries, etc. On the ground of the lemur cage was crushed up saltines and old chicken nuggets. Yeah I try to keep my blog positive but I will say this- Whoever was feeding that to the lemurs can go fuck themselves.

I’ll probably write more about vegan and sports performance because I think it’s interesting. I also bought the RP strength template to make sure I don’t OD on carbs and trail mix.

I weighed in at 118 today, I don’t know what that means but it’s the least I’ve weighed since last summer.

Recovery has been ok I ran three miles today and felt tight. Getting tattooed felt horrible yesterday, haha.

On my next pay day (a week from this coming Thursday) I’m going to assess how I feel and decide if I’m going to shoot for Philly. I’m leaning towards “no,” because it’s a short ways away. Also Josh, Steve, my friend Evan, everyone else I know have given me talks on it being a terrible idea.

I went to hot yoga two days in a row and feel better already. Also I’m teaching hot yoga Thursday and Sunday nights at 6pm- come stretch! Ignite Yoga !

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