pros and cons of running philly

I know, I know. I said I was going to drop it. I wish there were a few more fun big marathons in New England in late November/December. It’s still nice out in December nowadays.


Wanted to do it for three years

In decent running shape already

Could probably pr again

Training structure in my life

Burn fall weather calories

Maintain current weight/size

Have an adventure

The weather has been perfect out

Philly is fun

I hate not having a race

I could also just do it for fun

Trump could get us all killed before I hit all my bucket list races. I’m not being smug if you know me this is a real fear that that guy is gonna get me killed and I wouldn’t have finished living my life


The trip including race hotel and travel would cost at least $500, and the crossfit L1 was already $800

Could get hurt from pushing trying to PR again

Sort of sick of running

Would have to do my 20 miler next weekend then taper

Would have to cut down on yoga some more

Could use some random time to calm my brain

Brainstorms for races-

Providence May 2017 (would start training in January)

San Francisco in late July (it just looks fun lol this isn’t certain)

Chicago and/or New York in the fall- Josh says I should do Lehigh again and race against my time there- Chicago was expensive too… but if I run a small race I’d rather try something new.

Boston next spring

Los Angeles is in December but that would be expensive though too.

Or fuck it all and run half marathons and 10k’s and do yoga lol.

Fuck it all and just do yoga and some crossfit maybe 5k’s

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