Top 5 Favorite Yoga Poses… #1 : twisting child’s pose

In this photo series I’m only talking about poses I️ like and maybe why- not going to explain everything about it. Next week I’m going to do a “poses that make me want to punch someone in the face” series and that’ll be fun too!

This pose is used in a lot of yin practice… I️ could just stay in this pose for six hours per side. I use it as a warm up or cool down in power practice too.

This is probably my number 1 favorite not fifth favorite. It’s like thread the needle, except your hips are back in wide knee child’s pose. My hips never go all the way back but I️ so what I️ can.

This pose is super calming for me. I️ could stay in this all day. It feels good, it makes me happy. My hips and shoulders always need help opening also I️ love twisting.

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