Favorite Poses: Double Pigeon and archer arms

For the people who want to read next week’s posts… here is a fine line.

A lot of time my ass cheeks hurt from running and weight lifting and if I’m sitting up in double pigeon the sensation is tolerable and it’s a good hip opener. I️ like adding archer because it feels good- that’s all I️ got for the arms. Besides I️ took the time to look up archer arms and I just keep getting pics of this dude:

Ok not the same archer.

Anyhoo my shoulders and my neck always hurt and archer arms stretch me out- I️ can reach and clasp my hands behind my back because I️ have really long arms. Shoulda got a pic of that instead.

Back to what I️ said at the beginning- this pose is my favorite when I’m upright. If my arms are out and I’m in a forward fold it would change to a pose that makes me want to punch someone. One day I took a class with a double pigeon forward fold and got THREE assists of people continuing to help me get deeper into the pose. A LOT of sensation. Too much! Lots of breathing but also got really angry.

If I don’t do the pose for a few days and I️ hold it for a minute or so I️ can get up and walk differently than when I started.

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