Favorite pose #3: low lunge with side bend

Ok full disclosure I️ didn’t learn this from some yoga guru I️ actually just stole it out of a sleazy fitness magazine a few weeks ago.

Sometimes I’m so used to keeping poses “standard” I️ don’t think how a small twist (or bend- haha) can really change everything.

When I️ do low lunge it opens a little… but I️ like subtle bending. Then when I️ begin to reach over to the side I️ can feel the stretch shift over in my inner hip flexor to the tips of my fingers. It’s hard to get into the psoas sometimes too, and I️ can feel it get in there. My friend and I️ were just talking about how our inner hips are messing us up. This has really helped!

I️ put this in many of my yoga for athletes sequences.

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