Start planning a spring race- have adventures- get a running coach

If you’re going to run a spring marathon or half marathon- it is just about time to get going.

Today. Overlooking my frequent running route in Southington and Berlin today made me feel nostalgic and warm inside. As I️ gazed across Shuttlebrook from Ragged mountain at the watershed and the Christmas tree farm I️ looked at my mom and said “I️ Love it over there! It’s so pretty!” Last Christmas I ran my 18 miler from Hubbard park past Ragged Mountain and back with seconds to spare before dark and proceeded to get an extreme cold afterwards (probably had it before but ya know…)

Recently realized all my photos from my Boston marathon training last winter had uploaded into my google drive. When the phone bit the dust I️ was pretty sure those adventures were just memories- now I️ have photo evidence.

I️ swore again and again that I️ wouldn’t run a spring race this year. 12 miles in a foot of snow, caught in a blizzard, miles of quiet icy scenery, etc. Crazy! However, finding my pictures inspired me, reminded me of the good times, made me feel proud, and realize that through a lot of cold and hard work many memories were made last year.

I’m unlikely to get outside in the cold without a goal. But nothing over 5-6 miles. Nothing in the snow. Today I’ve been starting to think about how important it is to get outside in the winter- at least for me. Maybe it even has its advantages over summer training? I️ am thinking about running the full Providence marathon in May which starts me running January 1st… just in time for “weather.”

The next two weeks I’m going to be posting a series of photos I️ took last winter with reasons why I️ like to get out there. Then before you know I’ll be sharing my goals and journey.

If you’re looking to run a spring race and need help goal-setting or training- please reach out to me! I am RRCA certified- rates are extremely reasonable because right now because one of my goals is to really help people make their lives better.

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