Angry pose 2: Frog

Frog, or, we will call it “angry frog” is a huge athlete stretch in my book. It stretches your inner hips and groin- and can lesson likely hood of knee injuries. The anger and strong sensation in this pose subside a little with fun memories. We used to do this pose every day for roller derby- which was a safe place to be silly with your friends- and my teammates would have twerking and booty shaking contests from this stretch.

This pose can be a lot when you are quiet in a yin position for what feels like a million years. It pulls all the connective tissue, and you can pretty much feel stuck like that. If you can breathe through, you’ll walk different when you’re done (probably).

Anyway, it’s all in context. Stretching for thirty seconds while shaking your booty with your friends – this pose isn’t so bad. Really holding and opening that connective tissue hurts and activates anger for me- but it’s always worth it.

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