Angry Pose 1: Dragon

So I’m a space cadet and went straight from runner up to pose 2 yesterday! My friend nick call this pose “Angry Dragon!” I don’t care what you call it or from what level I’m doing it: “angry dragon,” “(angry) lizard,” or “deep lunge hip opener.”

It doesn’t matter what level I’m going this pose – upright, on my fingertip , on my forearms, or on a block; it makes me angry. If I️ go a few weeks without doing it I’ll tremble and shake the entire time. Every second feels like an eternity.

One day during yin I️ couldn’t stop rehearsing a difficult conversation in my head. In a nice forward fold the conversation was going seemingly well. Once I was in dragon the conversation was taking an ugly turn in another direction. When I️ observed what I️ was doing and what was happening, I️ was able to take a step back and say, “oh shit these poses really do make feelings occur!”

I try to lean into the discomfort but sometimes it’s really hard.

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