Angry Dolphin

Like Lotus, I’m not sure this one ignites anger in everyone- this one just makes me feel personally frustrated.

Benefits of Dolphin Pose: Stretches your hamstrings, calves, and arches. Opens your shoulders, chest, and inner armpits.”

Yeah that’s why- ALL those things I️ are tight on me. Lifting and running- my shoulders are always tight as well as my calves and hammies. When we did adjustments in teacher training Barb picked me to adjust my Dolphin. After adjusting me for what felt like a long time I️ wouldn’t say she gave up… but… she let it be.

Recently I️ “bailed out” of Dolphin in class and felt very guilty. Holding uncomfortable poses is one of the reasons I️ love power yoga – sticking with it and breathing through the discomfort. Anyway, it was like the teacher read my mind because he said, “If you need to come out just do it…. it’s your practice.” If I’m going to bail on a pose it’ll probably be Dolphin.

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