Why it’s COOL to run in the winter aka you could get stuck ten miles out in a nor’easter and have to run home in 11 inches of snow – limited edition ugly selfie in content!

It’s fun ! This series of photos is from last winter. I’ll start with this one. It’s from mile 11 out of 20 as the ice and snow began to fall at a really fast pace.

I had a discussion with Steve the night before – maybe I should go right to bed and leave at 3am and sleep all day (Meriden had not yet cancelled school but I was anticipating it, and they did). Steve said sleep til 5am then head out. I got to mile six as the flurries began. Josh called at mile 9 and offered to pick me up and I said , “nah that’s ok I’m halfway done.” Then miles 13-20 were hell. The last two were just the worst. Hail was pelting my eyeballs, and I knew the snow was too deep for Josh to get me with the truck. I had to run up a huge hill on ridge road and by the end I was trying not to get hit by plows.

When I finally got into the house I was only home from being on adrenaline and josh has to physically remove my clothes for me because I was frozen stiff. He had also made me breakfast and was reasonably extremely pissed off. Steve felt bad for telling me to leave later but let me tell you- I made it through and I will remember that day for the rest of my life.

This was me by the end- this was my house lol.

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