I have tons of shit to write about but I’m going to vent about how much I love carbs instead

7 days til Austin Marathon! Carb depletion day 1 (actually like 14 hours and I’m already angry.) Never actually carb depleted before a load – I just perpetually carb load.

Normally when I get breakfast with Dre I eat French toast and her toast and all our hash browns. I told her I was carb depleting at the gym and during the 20 minutes it took to get to breakfast I had changed my mind was ready to go in on some hash browns !! I am weak! Today when she was a good friend and told me “no toast” I almost flipped a table I called her a bitch and ordered my omelette with (some) fruit. Usually I give up on depletes but I figured if I use this as a platform maybe I’ll stick with it but I’ll tell you if I don’t. It’s only four days after all!!

On Thursday I get to start the carb load and that’s the fun part!! I wish I didn’t have extreme behaviors. Why couldn’t I run the 5k in Austin and eat a reasonable amount of tacos? Have to fucking run the full marathon and eat tacos til I bust like an asshole. Feeling good about my 20 yesterday “- but full disclosure- my coach told me not to. Steve said today “You know what I do to my athletes who don’t listen to me? I punish them.” Lol so when I come back (INJURY FREE!) from Austin I can expect training for Providence to be especially long and grueling aka fun and lovely. I pinky swore him I’d just jog this marathon and I will bring sharpies to write “don’t be an asshole” and “biiiiig picture” on my hands. It’s just the marathon of 100 tacos.

Ok I’m gonna go eat another fucking cheese stick and try not to punch anyone in the face for the next three days. #ilovecarbs #carbiebarbie #fuckrawonions #marathontraining #austinmarathon #feedme #food #carbs #paleo #girlsthatrun #breakfast #ilovebreakfast #running #runningadventures

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