Favorite Poses: Double Pigeon and archer arms

For the people who want to read next week’s posts… here is a fine line.

A lot of time my ass cheeks hurt from running and weight lifting and if I’m sitting up in double pigeon the sensation is tolerable and it’s a good hip opener. I️ like adding archer because it feels good- that’s all I️ got for the arms. Besides I️ took the time to look up archer arms and I just keep getting pics of this dude:

Ok not the same archer.

Anyhoo my shoulders and my neck always hurt and archer arms stretch me out- I️ can reach and clasp my hands behind my back because I️ have really long arms. Shoulda got a pic of that instead.

Back to what I️ said at the beginning- this pose is my favorite when I’m upright. If my arms are out and I’m in a forward fold it would change to a pose that makes me want to punch someone. One day I took a class with a double pigeon forward fold and got THREE assists of people continuing to help me get deeper into the pose. A LOT of sensation. Too much! Lots of breathing but also got really angry.

If I don’t do the pose for a few days and I️ hold it for a minute or so I️ can get up and walk differently than when I started.

Top 5 Favorite Yoga Poses… #1 : twisting child’s pose

In this photo series I’m only talking about poses I️ like and maybe why- not going to explain everything about it. Next week I’m going to do a “poses that make me want to punch someone in the face” series and that’ll be fun too!

This pose is used in a lot of yin practice… I️ could just stay in this pose for six hours per side. I use it as a warm up or cool down in power practice too.

This is probably my number 1 favorite not fifth favorite. It’s like thread the needle, except your hips are back in wide knee child’s pose. My hips never go all the way back but I️ so what I️ can.

This pose is super calming for me. I️ could stay in this all day. It feels good, it makes me happy. My hips and shoulders always need help opening also I️ love twisting.

My right leg hates me so I just keep doing yoga and making food in my new Instant Pot instead of running

I’ve now been out for a three miler, a two miler, and two five milers since the race. Some yoga, and a walk or two.

Last night Josh put me on the table and tried to help me… because last night that pain was shooting from the top of my hamstring/bottom of my flute to behind my knee, getting tied up in my right calf, and even pulling into the arch of my foot. Basically something is pulling something that is pulling something that is making my whole leg angry. This is the same problem I had *during* my race that caused me to drop my pace to almost 9 minute miles towards the end and cover my entire lower half in biofreeze at every aid station.

So needless to say I think officially Philly is a bad idea. Before my five miler yesterday it was still possible in my brain, but the shooting pains from last night say “no.” Even if I made it through I can already tell the recovery would be ugly.

Anyways I got this fun Instant Pot. It’s a crock pot, rice cooker, pressure cooker… it also sautées for you and does everything else. With my extra time I’ve been trying to eat healthier more healing whole food vegan recipes. Ok ok also some recovery beers still. I made pumpkin chili, lentils, butternut squash harissa stew, tofu veggie dishes, and only had one big fail. Made more tofu scrambles and rice and beans. One food goal will be to not eat any nutrition bars while I’m not training. I have the RP vegan template but I still just feel like having fun vegan cooking and recovering and relaxing first.

Josh is going to intro to yoga with me at West Hartford Yoga, and the grand opening of Ignite was yesterday. It was fun and I met some new friends and got to chat with some old ones. I went to yin with Melissa first and it felt amazing to twist my back. I think the studio will be awesome for North Haven and Wallingford. I’m also having fun writing gentle and power classes.

We’ve been playing with the idea of a running and yoga class- the tricky part is just figuring out logistics. What time? How much if anything? Leave from studio before gentle? Then where to run… down state street? We have two more months of nice running weather I just need to focus my brain to hash that stuff out.

pros and cons of running philly

I know, I know. I said I was going to drop it. I wish there were a few more fun big marathons in New England in late November/December. It’s still nice out in December nowadays.


Wanted to do it for three years

In decent running shape already

Could probably pr again

Training structure in my life

Burn fall weather calories

Maintain current weight/size

Have an adventure

The weather has been perfect out

Philly is fun

I hate not having a race

I could also just do it for fun

Trump could get us all killed before I hit all my bucket list races. I’m not being smug if you know me this is a real fear that that guy is gonna get me killed and I wouldn’t have finished living my life


The trip including race hotel and travel would cost at least $500, and the crossfit L1 was already $800

Could get hurt from pushing trying to PR again

Sort of sick of running

Would have to do my 20 miler next weekend then taper

Would have to cut down on yoga some more

Could use some random time to calm my brain

Brainstorms for races-

Providence May 2017 (would start training in January)

San Francisco in late July (it just looks fun lol this isn’t certain)

Chicago and/or New York in the fall- Josh says I should do Lehigh again and race against my time there- Chicago was expensive too… but if I run a small race I’d rather try something new.

Boston next spring

Los Angeles is in December but that would be expensive though too.

Or fuck it all and run half marathons and 10k’s and do yoga lol.

Fuck it all and just do yoga and some crossfit maybe 5k’s

Vegan week 3 recovery week 1

Attached you see post-marathon vegan recovery milkshakes from the Chicago Diner. The one covered in chocolate is mine and the pumpkin cookie is Josh.

Vegan means nothing from an animal- eggs, milk, whey, casein, cheese: goodbye. If it has that shit in it I’m not eating it.

That is different than vegetarian- no meat. Or lacto-ovo vegetarian (no meat eggs milk or cheese- but let’s say something had whey or gelatin they might eat that.)

I was vegan from years 22-26 or something like that. I was also about 16 lbs heavier- much of that was pre-crossfit so I can’t even pretend it was muscle. I started crossfit and roller derby vegan, but I had no idea how to eat. When I learned about the zone diet I transitioned to vegetarian during our first challenge at Nor’easter, raised my strength and lost some ridiculous amount of body fat. I forget when I started eating meat again but I just wanted to experiment with my health- what would work the best for me with my goals?

We all know there’s no one way to eat. Everyone is different. When I was in my early twenties vegan was about animal ethics-and it still is for me. On the other hand back then I was more concerned with trendy vegan food- diners and dive bars and driving far away for vegan ice cream and donuts or what not.

I transitioned back to vegan because I know with my knowledge of nutrition, macros, and eating to heal and to athletically perform- I don’t need any kind of animal products. Maybe I’ll write more about this more but I also just want to make the world a better place in some other way. Yeah you can go ahead watch all the documentaries about what eating meat does to the earth- this is about me lol.

I knew I was going to go vegan again this summer when Josh and I went to the Goshen fair and saw the fucking petting zoo. It was the saddest most disgusting shit I’ve seen in person in a long time. The camels; the llamas looked sad. Yeah, all the animals looked sad. Kids and adults just screaming and grabbing at them. Then the worst was the lemurs. A lemur’s diet is leaves, bark, berries, etc. On the ground of the lemur cage was crushed up saltines and old chicken nuggets. Yeah I try to keep my blog positive but I will say this- Whoever was feeding that to the lemurs can go fuck themselves.

I’ll probably write more about vegan and sports performance because I think it’s interesting. I also bought the RP strength template to make sure I don’t OD on carbs and trail mix.

I weighed in at 118 today, I don’t know what that means but it’s the least I’ve weighed since last summer.

Recovery has been ok I ran three miles today and felt tight. Getting tattooed felt horrible yesterday, haha.

On my next pay day (a week from this coming Thursday) I’m going to assess how I feel and decide if I’m going to shoot for Philly. I’m leaning towards “no,” because it’s a short ways away. Also Josh, Steve, my friend Evan, everyone else I know have given me talks on it being a terrible idea.

I went to hot yoga two days in a row and feel better already. Also I’m teaching hot yoga Thursday and Sunday nights at 6pm- come stretch! Ignite Yoga !


Damn man.

I gave Josh a whole talk about happiness on Saturday morning before we met with Mel and Syd. Happiness is the moment. The travel, picking up my bib, people watching 40,000 other runners, and seeing a whole circle of a rainbow from Willis (Sears) tower go through the sky and down into the building’s below us. AFTER they continued to tell us there was zero visibility and not to go up. Happiness is doing my best and enjoying the moments in the race when things weren’t going my way. I mean I wouldn’t call the marathon a “tour” of the city because I don’t remember much of it. I remember a few neighborhoods, the university section, old town, the drag qeens, the dragon dances in the Japanese neighborhood, and random other parts of the race. The expo was fun, hanging out with Mel and Syd and my husband was fun!

I woke up at 4:30 AM. I tend to cut time close, so I was overly cautious. You had to be at your corral at 7:20, I was there at probably 6 because everyone said “get there early.” I got there WAY too early. It was also FREEZING. Probably forty degrees. I didn’t bring disposable clothes. I wasn’t thinking. I was turning blue, tried to stretch and get warm but I was so so so cold. Watched the elites warm up on the track behind a gate. It was cool. I definitely would have been able to leave an hour later. A nice Chinese man who was sitting opened up his solar blanket and offered me to go in there with him, but I politely declined.

It was finally time, and I warmed up.  The first mile went SO fast. I was sticking with the 3:00 pacers, and at a mile they laughed and said, “Wow! That was a 5:57 mile. We really got caught in the stream!” Yeah…  I think if you’re a pacer you shouldn’t do that. If you’re a pacer it’d be better if you looked at your pace and just stayed where you were supposed to because to take off that cold that fast kind of fucked me up a little. Anyway I stayed with them til about mile 7. Then I had to pee, and there was no toilet on my side of the course that I could see until the zoo. I peed and caught the 3 hour people again at mile 10. I will say this is a PR for the fewest times I’ve ever used the bathroom in a marathon lol- That was it! One pee!

I lost the three hour people around mile 12, and kept pace with the 3:05 people until about mile 18. Didn’t use mapmyrun app, because people advised that the GPS wouldn’t work and it would be frustrating. I just tried to keep with pacers.

Around mile 12 my hamstrings began to lock up/seize. This NEVER happened to me before. Not even in a training run. They pulled from the top of my ass all the way down behind my knees. My IT bands hurt. My calves hurt. My left ankle shot a pain. This was TOO early for all that. At mile 12 I used speak and spell to send Mel and Josh messages to say not-so-clearly that I was going to finish the race but I knew it wouldn’t be at my race pace.  It wasn’t mental- I can push through minor shit- but this felt all wrong. I slowed down.

It got HOT around mile 11. It was SO hot. My body went from shivering for three hours before the race to me taking in water and gatorade at every aid station. Two waters. One for me to drink and at least one to dump on my head or down my bra. The gatorade didn’t bother my stomach so that was good. I carb loaded appropriately before the race and had zero GI issues on Sunday (that’s a first- another PR: didn’t crap my pants! (kidding.))

Looking back at my splits- it made sense- Around mile 17-23 I was barely hobbling. All my leg muscles were telling me to fuck myself for some reason. I don’t know why! I hydrated, stretched, ate healthy, went to cryotherapy, got massaged, got dry needled- and I even had new and different shooting pains inside my hips make a debut. WHAT. WHY.

I was comfortable with going slow but I get worried about other people being disappointed. There was absolutely nothing I could have done to run faster. I tried to not be frustrated. At one point I wished my ankle would sprain so I could stop (Totally didn’t mean that).

I tried to remain happy through the discomfort. The day was sunny, the course was beautiful, and as I was struggling through the 3:10 pacers went by. I look back on my splits and realize at that point I was running a 8:40 min mile. I tried to play my music/stride game- couldn’t stride. Just people watched and tried not to jump into the Chicago river.

So I didn’t Lubriderm my feet before I put on my compression socks. I mean, I ran Boston with no socks at all because they kept sliding down and I ditched em at mile 2. On Sunday at mile 23 I had a blister on the entire right pinky toe that popped when I stepped on it. I felt the whole damn thing. I said “AHHH!” out loud because it freaking hurt. My already choppy running gait got totally fucked with that blister for the last three miles.

I stopped once for vaseline real quick, once for swedish fish from a fireman, and twice at med-tents for bio freeze. I think I shocked them with my use of biofreeze. I covered my IT bands, hammies, and both butt cheeks with biofreeze. No shame. I was so wet from water and slimey from vaseline and stinky from biofreeze and the sun was beating on me and it was probably very gross (as pictured above.) Oh a lot of snot rockets too, I can’t lie. Probably had some boogers on me also. At some point I stepped in shit and I can only tell you I hope it was animal poop and not human but who knows. My only regret is not putting bio freeze on my socks to soak through- or very quickly taking off my socks to vaseline my feet. That would have taken forever and I’d finish my fourth marathon sockless, too.

This is also where the 3:15 pacers were dancing through “Hop on the 3:15 train!!” They had a lot of energy. Dude was wearing bunny ears and running in circles around the 3:15 marathoners. I tried to hop on the 3:15 train- heard the pacers talk to each other- “Hey! My watch said we are at 27 miles. That’s weird!” That was probably at mile 24. I felt especially frustrated because I just couldn’t hang with 3:15 either. Too much weird shit was going wrong. I think I ran more than 26.2 too. The message boards say when you run Chicago, if you’re not careful running the tangents- you can run an extra mile with all the turns. I believe it.

Haha at mile 25 I picked it back up because the faster I ran the faster I’d just be done. Then it was done! I walked like a t-rex after that. Walked 10 more miles that day. Saw some beautiful architecture, drank a beer, and hung out. I hit 40 miles of walking that day!

OK. So my frustration lies with things I can’t control. I trained for a whole fucking year and got a 2 minute PR- but last year in Lehigh Valley I got 3:21 and waited two minutes for that train to pass through… so basically I feel like I broke even. A whole year. heat. hammies. 22 weeks training for Boston only to sprain my ankle. 250 miles I ran in July. COME ON MAN. I am NOT patient enough for marathon training, sometimes.

That wasn’t all complaining- just explaining how I felt. It was a great day and a great weekend, and I learned a LOT about myself and my training. I didn’t get hurt, shit myself, sprain an ankle, or die. I listened to my body.

On the RRCA board I read lots of people didn’t hit their goals in Chicago this year- specifically due to heat. Many people said it’s too hot every year and many of them won’t do Chicago again. Some people dropped out or lost their goal by over 30 minutes.

So here’s what I learned, and I am actually happy despite an uncomfortable race:

  1. Yeah under different circumstances I could have hit 3:05- give or take a few minutes.
  2.  PR’d my half marathon and my 10K this year
  3. You can’t control 80 degree humidity. You can’t bank on that clear fall weather and “free speed.” The Nike coaches mentioned that coming in the fall- I saw it a few times in CT- NOT in Chicago. I was putting in 100% effort for waaaay less than 100% return. Earlier in September I was putting in 70% effort and hitting 7 min miles. Oh well.
  4.  I don’t need to run more than four days a week, more than 35-40 miles a week. EVER. I can peak at 50. TOPS. I ran up to 67 miles a week this summer and did just as fine as when I maxed at 50 last year for Lehigh. Then this summer I got fatter, more depressed, and burnt out.
  5. I can run my long runs slow. Last year before Lehigh I ran my 20, 22, 24 milers at 9 min miles and my marathon pace was only 10 seconds a minute slower than this year.
  6. I could drink less beer and not run and still stay in shape.
  7. My self worth doesn’t depend on my marathon time- no one else actually cares and it doesn’t make me a better person.

Those are the biggest things I learned. I kind of want to run Philly in November. I am going to evaluate if I’ll be ready for it. I’m also toying with running Providence in May- experimenting with a three day a week plan. I’m also considering just running 5k-10k’s maybe a half here and there and calling it a day. I’m also getting my Crossfit Coach Level 1 certification in December, and I’m teaching yoga on Thursdays and Sundays at Ignite in North Haven. Lots of other stuff to do rather than chase my marathon demons down.  Alright- time for bed!




Taper Goals- what are your goals when you’re tapering? Other than not go crazy?

  • Run fast this week
  • Run 40 miles this week
  • Rest
  • Cuddle with the cats
  • Then Lock the cats out and get real sleep
  • Trust the last 22 weeks of work
  • Relax
  • Enjoy not-running
  • Cut down on alcohol
  • Eat healthy
  • Count macros follow my rp template
  • Eat vegan since I bought the rp template
  • Make it to yoga
  • Run my 16 miler Sunday with a fast finish
  • Get new tires
  • Get car detailed
  • Spend more time at work
  • Go to yoga once my car is fixed
  • 30-35 miles next week
  • Try not to go crazy
  • More yoga
  • Run medium fast so some sprints
  • Think positive
  • Make art
  • Don’t get hurt
  • More happy thoughts
  • Make a new playlist
  • Don’t complain about feeling fat because my mileage is down
  • Get dry needled
  • Get cryotherapy
  • Make Top list of things I’m excited about in Chicago
  • Pick apples or something
  • See my mom
  • Clean the house
  • Run 20-25 miles last week
  • Finish Percy Jackson books on audible
  • Pack
  • Stretch
  • Meditate
  • Relax
  • Yoga
  • Be happy and excited
  • Be grateful